Well-maintained ‘engineered’ mechanical seals utilised on high-dependency rotating equipment such as specialised pumps, agitators and turbo-machinery can help to ensure the trouble-free operation of manufacturing and processing plants around the world.


Seals of many different brands, types and sizes are used routinely by the global oil & gas, pharmaceutical, chemicals, coatings and ink-making industries, to name but five.

For historic reasons, individual sites often run a complex seal mix. Accordingly, when things go wrong, it is in everyone’s interest to diagnose and correct faults swiftly across the full brand range.

This is one of our key strengths.


A fast service that cuts critical lead times


Because NASH’s experience has evolved continuously for the last 50-years, we can step in immediately wherever and whenever seal failures threaten production safety or output.

As acknowledged mechanical seal experts, NASH regularly repairs and returns high-dependency equipment seals to site within hours. Similarly, we cut other critical lead-times from weeks to days.


Failure reports plus advice


We ensure that damaged parts can be repaired, replaced or flown out for specialist workshop assessment, maintenance and upgrading with minimum fuss, lost time, costs or production losses.

Our highly-trained team also investigates and reports in detail on the causes of failure, offering additional advice on how to improve performance for all major seal brands.


NASH’s news blogs also provide continuously updated examples of how mechanical seal performance can be improved with additional financial benefits.

NASH’s service covers all other recognised ‘engineered’ mechanical seal brands.

IMAGE NOTE: The image above shows one of five John Crane T7700-0950 seals, repaired and converted to dry running configuration for a pharmaceutical manufacturer based in mainland Europe. NASH also designed and manufactured an additional flange to enable the seal to be sterilised in place (SIP) before each process cycle.

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