Mechanical Seal Consultancy & Training

Working with NASH involves much more than simple access to a ‘high-end’ mechanical seal maintenance and repair service fit for today’s demanding conditions.

The first step of our triple-approach extends component life, improves efficiency and introduces new financial gains.

The second helps you to optimise the performance of all brands and types of mechanical seals.

However, in the third we give you the tools and skills needed to extend these benefits throughout your seal’s long working life.


To maximise seal longevity, we have developed products that draw on our in-depth training, research, evaluation, troubleshooting and performance improvement experiences.

Our continuously updated news blogs and case studies explain how more than 100 years of combined NASH experience can now be shared through: –

  • Master-classes that enhance your seal performance
  • Convenient lunch-and-learn workshops
  • Regular operational briefings

Plus Team training on:

  • Root cause analysis
  • Seal selection
  • Reliability improvements
  • Seal familiarisation

All of the above are available at our offices or yours, whichever suits your needs. Call us now for further details.

Seal service fundamentals

More details about NASH’s mechanical seal service strategy can be seen on our repair and performance pages.