Partnership Programme – seal OEM or NASH?

Do you currently service specialised rotating equipment incorporating engineered mechanical seals? Is the service you offer compromised by seal OEMs whose service to you is often unresponsive and over-priced because they prefer to deal directly with your customers in the aftermarket?

For the first time NASH gives you uncompromised access to engineered mechanical seal servicing.

As a NASH Partner, you will:

  • Gain direct access to over 50 years of any brand seal expertise and experience
  • End your dependence on mechanical seal OEM’s
  • Work with a true service partner who guarantees to deal exclusively with you – NOT your customers
  • Provide your customers with more responsive rotating equipment services
  • Generate significant additional aftermarket revenue

Please refer to examples of Partners we help in this way by following the links below


Case Studies

Partners benefit not only from our any brand engineered mechanical seal experience and expertise, but also NASH’s fast response, global reach, independence, passion and our performance guarantee.

If your dependence on seal OEM’s is preventing you from providing your customers with the quality of service they need for their rotating equipment, please call us – we’re here to help.