Gone are the days when pharmaceutical companies felt obliged to discard £20,000 + mechanical seals. Advances in repair technology now mean that critical vessel seals can be returned to service much more cost-effectively with an absolute guarantee of zero contamination risks.

What makes NASH different is that we give you unique access to any brand expertise in the Pharmaceutical sector. This removes your dependence on seal manufacturers.

We routinely service mechanical seals for a wide range of rotating equipment.

These include: –

  • Glass Lined Agitators
  • Steel Agitators
  • Mixers
  • Filter Dryers
  • Vertical Cone Dryers
  • Hydrogenation Pumps

Case Studies

Through our news blogs and full list of case studies, we would like to share our expertise and experience with you. We hope that you can also benefit from NASH’s fast response, global reach, independence, passion, short turnaround times and performance guarantee.

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